MAY DAY 2012

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In the spirit of this extraordinary convergence of groups that will gather on May 1, 2012 to "creating the world we want to see," May Day radio is an imaginative way to claim space that should be ours but isn’t.

May Day Radio is a community radio station experiment that will broadcast the movement live on May Day - offering a central source for information and inspiration to those marching in the streets and those listening in support from their desks/trucks/schools/homes.

In addition to a live stream, our friends at Exitrip have helped us engineer an innovative way to blanket marches and actions with an FM signal. By repurposing obsolete iPod nano accessories (originally used to send a signal from an iPod to a nearby radio), we’ll turn an army of protesters with smartphones into a roving band of microtransmitters, each of them re-transmitting our radio show. Bring radios with you if you'll be joining us in the streets! We'll distribute extras to those that don't have them. 

MDR relies on the participation of the diverse and enthusiastic voices that make up New York City and the larger community that is the 99%. We hope you will join us by donating content. Please see our open calls for submissions pages.

PS: Site design in progress. Please excuse our flaws as we hustle to make this happen by May 1st!